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Staffing methodology


We utilize a proven methodology for staffing which emphasizes the quality of fit between the client and the candidates while reducing the time and inefficient efforts expended to fill crucial positions.

  1. Initial Screening: During the initial screening process, NexTech evaluates potential candidates' skills developed and utilized throughout their careers so that we can identify career progression. We specifically look for candidates who show growth and increasing responsibility at each position.

    Our searches can include but are not limited to:

    • Resume searches on our internal databases and our external resources
    • Sourcing through our nationwide network of professionals and contacts
    • Advertising through various media channels
    • Our interactive website where candidates and clients both have access to their personalized records
    • Our affiliations with local and national professional trade organizations and groups.
  2. Interviewing: Candidates identified as top tier talent during the initial screening are first qualified over the phone and then brought into one of NexTech's offices. A seasoned recruiter will then continue the evaluation process by developing a complete understanding of a candidate's job history, career motivations, salary and benefit expectations, leadership skills, and mentoring capability.

    Since NexTech partners with our clients to understand the corporate culture, technical environment, and scope of projects, we are able to rapidly assess fit and determine whether to proceed with or turn down the candidate.
  3. Background Checks, Reference Checks, and Testing: When candidates are qualified as good potential match, NexTech utilizes a nationally recognized 3rd party firm to conduct background checks, as well as employment and education verification. We then conduct peer and supervisor reference checking. On-line testing is also available for a number of technical competencies when requested to help ensure proficiency.
  4. Candidate Short-List: Once the candidate pool is prepared, the qualified resumes and our own candidate assessment profiles are sent to our clients. All resumes are also available on-line for client review at a secured web site. This password protected site contains: interview notes, reference check information, testing results if applicable, candidate goals and salary expectations, technical skills, and job history. The website also provides a section for our clients to ask follow-up questions and schedule interviews. This site is accessible 24/7 both at work and at home for designated client personnel and facilitates an environment where the staffing process doesn't interrupt your daily routine. It works at your convenience.
  5. Selection and Candidate Offer: As the ideal candidate is identified and selected. NexTech provides a partnered approach to finalizing the hiring process by highlighting the features and benefits of our client's opportunities. NexTech spends a great deal of time early in the hiring process to understand the candidate's motivations and career goals so that we can draw parallels to our client's corporate culture and working environment. This reinforcement helps to close the candidate on the opportunity and complete the hiring process.
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